Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Company incorporation and maintenance
  • Application for CMSL/exemption for licence
  • Application for 13R, 13X and tax advice
  • Preparation of manuals and handbook
  • EAM Office Management
  • Statutory compliance, internal audit, external audit

Family Office Solution & Tax Planning

Maintaining family wealth across generations is extremely complex, and most wealthy families desire the facilitation of inter-generational transfer of wealth in order to reduce intra-family disputes. Sino Suisse Capital delivers personalized services and management of family wealth by implementing a 360ᵒ approach in gaining a clear understanding of complex needs under a regulated environment for you. We work closely with client specialists and offer a comprehensive range of services to families that operate globally and desire wealth preservation and the efficient transfer of assets to future generations.

The main services we provide include:-

  1. Trust, Foundation and Philanthropy advisory
  2. Tax & legal advisory
  3. Corporate advisory
  4. Medical & insurance advisory
  5. International relocation advisory
  6. Art banking
  7. Yacht & aviation finance
  8. Concierge services

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