Structured Products

SFS provides Structured Products designed to increase return with customized risk in a low-interest-rate environment.

SFS delivers competitive pricing for a variety of structures including principal protection, enhanced returns, and increased yield with customized risk.

Multi Issuer

SFS partners with market leading banks to provide the widest variety of calendar and custom Structured Products, based upon current market conditions.

Comprehensive Structures

SFS provides Structured Product offerings with diverse structures for growth and income, notes and CDs, with principal protection.



Asset ClassType
SG CodeisAlt Cash Product
SG Carbon NoteAlt Cash Product
Extendible Money Market CertificateAlt Cash Product


Asset ClassType
FX AccumulatorLeverage
FX TARF/Pivot TARFOptimization


Asset ClassType
CLNs (Plain Vanilla)Optimization
CLNs + Range AccrualOptimization
CDS Range Accrual NoteOptimization
Credit Index Tranche CLNOptimization

Interest Rates

Asset ClassType
RCN on Libor/CMSLeverage
Leveraged SteepenerProtection
Floored FloaterProtection
Inveres FloaterProtection
Floating Rate Note with Cap & FloorProtection
Callable Step Up NoteProtection


Asset ClassType
Vanilla ELNs/Knock-out ELNsLeverage
Minimum Redemption Note (MRN)Participation
Twin-Win/Bull-Bear Note (Callable)Participation
Outperformance NoteParticipation
Participation Note (Perles)Participation
BEN/Digital Coupon NoteOptimization
Stepdown Autocallable Notes (SANs)Optimization
Speeder NoteOptimization
Phoenix Note with MemoryOptimization
Sharkfin NoteOptimization


Asset ClassType
Callable Daily Range Accrual Notes (CDRANs)Protection
CDRANs with Credit OverlayOptimization

Fund-Linked Notes

Asset ClassType
Notes with Funds as underlyingProtection