Ramani Muniyandi

Ramani Muniyandi

Advocate and Solicitor

Ramani is the founder of Grays LLC and is now a consultant with the firm. His areas of practice is in international business transactions, mergers and restructuring, trust and estate planning, succession law, intellectual property, taxation and private wealth management. At present he works in association with Parkers Solicitors in England and Pucci Legal Studios in Italy. He was actively involved in the alternative energy business covering countries in South East Asia, Europe and the United States and now advises clients in this area. He is also involved in environmental protection work in Singapore (wood waste management), the Maldives (coral reefs), Thailand (biomass and energy) and the Philippines (biomass for sugar cane industry).

He advises a leading financial technology company in Singapore in its expansion in South East Asia to empower the rural community in Indonesian and Myanmar with mobile technology with a view to an alternative financing solutions. With Grays LLC’s presence in Myanmar,  he is involved in an endeavor to cross-train accountants and lawyers in a merged practice for an ideal business solution for small and medium enterprises.

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