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Family Office Solution & Tax Planning

Maintaining family wealth across generations is extremely complex, and most wealthy families desire the facilitation of inter-generational transfer of wealth in order to reduce intra-family disputes. Sino Suisse Capital delivers personalized services and management of family wealth by implementing a 360ᵒ approach in gaining a clear understanding of complex needs under a regulated environment for you. We work closely with client specialists and offer a comprehensive range of services to families that operate globally and desire wealth preservation and the efficient transfer of assets to future generations.

The main services we provide include:-

  • Trust, Foundation and Philanthropy advisory
  • Tax & legal advisory
  • Corporate advisory
  • Medical & insurance advisory
  • International relocation advisory
  • Art banking
  • Yacht & aviation finance
  • Concierge services

Consolidated Reporting

Octopus E-Banking

Singapore Variable Capital Company (“VCC”)

The VCC is a corporate structure in which the issuance and redemption of its shares can be performed with great flexibility and ease. The new fund vehicle enables fund managers to create an umbrella structure and thus provides cost savings through economies of scale, as the sub-funds can have a common board of directors and service providers — such as the same fund manager, custodian, auditor, and administrative agent. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your VCC setup tailor-made to your investment objectives.

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